Other ways to connect

All campus phone numbers have a 707 area code.

General Information (800) 862-7080 or (707) 965-6313.

Public Relations: pr@hnxuancai.com

Admissions: admissions@hnxuancai.com

Alumni: alumni@hnxuancai.com

Questions regarding the website: webmaster@hnxuancai.com

For Emergencies

9-1-1: All phones, on and off campus.

(707) 253-0911天天看高清影视在线: Cell phones on campus and in the local area. Reaches the local dispatcher.

7-1-1-1天天看高清影视在线: Option for on-campus phones. Reaches the dispatch center for the Angwin Ambulance and the on-campus Health Services nurse.

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